Mish Sue | Talent

Mish Sue is always questioned about where her distinctive Brit-“ish” accent comes from.  Her native South African background infused with her Taiwanese appearance makes her a unique mix to many.

She began performing early; at the age of six, starting in the classical musical world with constant long hours of training with an Italian Professor and competing against a broad age range and instruments. She reigned at competitions and performed solo concertos with the local South African orchestras. She was the youngest individual to receive a distinction and pass all her musical grades by age 12.

She had an itch to do something different and found a passion in hip-hop music.  Creating her own trend of music at a young age, she was offered an opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to meet and work with one of Ciara’s co-producers . This all happened at the age of nine; and during her trip to the States, she kept it in her heart that she would make the move out to the US once she reached adulthood; and that dream never died. While in South Africa, she gained notable achievements, including a “People” magazine Crystal Award and “YOU” magazine award for best female newcomer of 2009.

She also opened shows for the likes of Kelly Rowland, Akon and performed personally for prestigious individuals: Oprah, Nelson Mandela, The Dubai Consulate and The Seychelles Prince. She has been fortunate enough to travel to almost every continent of the world through her artistic endeavors including a whole month touring every major city in England.

Although music was a prominent aspect of who she was, her general curiosity for growth and change made her explore other forms of artistic expression. An extremely random chance suggested by her best friend in high school made her audition for the school’s live theatre production. She was cast after hundreds of students and was the only actor to not have studied drama to make it. This was the same girl that played the quiet zebra because the one time she got offered a line, she stuttered and had an anxiety attack.

However, this time around, the comedic play empowered her and she knew instantly that her calling had changed. She had fallen head over heels with the art of acting.

The ecstasy of her new passion made her take a bold chance after an unexpected offer to sign to a manager in LA while on short visit.

So she packed her bags, and left  during her senior year which left a shock on all her teacher’s; considering the fact that she was top 14 in her grade at a stage and moving out alone and spending her 18th birthday out in an unknown city seemed like a self destructive idea to many.

“I am the one” – Les Brown ; is a huge belief and affirmation she keeps in her life and this quote is tattooed on her right arm. She keeps it as a reminder of the desires she has of breaking the strong racial stereotypes and rigid acting boxes that are unfortunately still prevalent in this industry.

She hopes to leave behind a legacy of liberal movement.

With all her culture, travel, stories and experiences of people’s inner worlds and armed with her bubbly youth and outspoken personality, she has a phenomenally different perspective to share.

Mish is currently signed to Momentum Talent and Literary Agency; named “Top 6 L.A. Boutique Agencies For You To Know” by “Backstage West” and voted and is consistently ranked among the top 50 most looked at agencies in the world according to the IMDB with a large number of their clients being Emmy Awarded actors.

She is currently managed by The HyperShark Company.